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Looking for a creative UX design position with an awesome company.

Creative Visionaries come with unconventional resumes and tons of unique experience, making them the perfect people to change up stale conversations, craft unique solutions to problems, and think big picture.

They are ready to work as hard as it takes to find a career that’s meaningful and lucrative. Despite how it might seem, all that they've gone through in life makes them one of the best assets on any team.



Running an award-winning RI design firm including TV, Public Relations, Advertising, Promotions, Marketing, and Interior Design, Alexis has spent over 15 years collaborating with clients, leading teams, and listening to customers.


"Solution Factory"

Sarah was legally blind college student. She really wanted to take my fitness class but was afraid. My solution was to learn to teach better.

After a few months, not only did Sarah take a cab to my class every day, but years later Sarah ended up becoming an instructor herself.

My colleagues nickname me: “Idea Factory” but I prefer “Solution Factory” because every idea I come up with stems from a problem. Without problems, there are no solutions. Without solutions, there are no (relevant) ideas.

"Born to Inspire"

I had decided to ride my bike across Alaska to raise money for the AIDs vaccine. Obviously, that meant I needed to become a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and nutrition coach.

What I found was that I love working and helping people. Clients, co-workers and anybody else who crosses my path. Understanding and empathizing with other people has become a motivating factor in what I do and WHY I do it.

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Landscape Photography

Portrait Photography

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Looking for a creative UX design position with an awesome company.

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